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IOS 7, Apple's next version of its mobile operating system, is no longer a rumor.  It will be out in the fall of 2013 and has some interesting enhancements.  Click this link to see more on IOS 7 from Apple.

IOS in Your Car

Apple considers it important that you are able to see and hear information from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad on your car radio.  Future car radios will have much more connectivity with your IOS devices.  Click this link to MacRumors.

Larger iPad?  Larger iPhone?

There are  rumors out that Apple will release a larger version of the iPad.  I would love to have a larger iPad.  There are uses for such a device, where a larger screen would allow for better viewing during a presentation.  A larger iPhone would also be useful.  Click this link to the Wall Street Journal.

Finger Print Sensor?

9 to 5 Mac has interesting thought on a finger print sensor, built into the iPhone screen of the next iPhone 5s.  This could open up Apple's devices for secure financial transactions.  Check it out.

Cheaper iPhone?

For some time now there have been rumors of a cheaper iPhone.  A less expensive device would open up the market to new users.  Click this link to CNET.


With several companies already announcing a smart watch, don't expect Apple to be left out.  Rumors have abounded on an Apple iWatch.  AP released a story on July 1st that Apple reserved the name iWatch in Japan.


For two years there have been rumors that Apple would enter into the TV marketplace.  They have a product called Apple TV that they have sometimes referred to as a hobby.  Now it looks more interesting that Apple could enter this arena.  Intel and Google have said they would provide TV services over the internet by the end of 2013.  Others are also expected to enter the internet TV push.  Apple would be a logical competitor and they could capture interest from their current users.  If you thought your new 1080 P TV was the latest, surprise, 4K TVs are out, with 4 times the pixels, twice the resolution.  And a 50 inch 4K TV is about $1,000 from Amazon.  As this technology takes over it would be logical to find that people would buy new services that may come with the TVs.  If someone might change the TV experience, Apple is a good candidate.  Check out this link from AD AGE.

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