Siri Free

Siri is an exceptional ASSISTANT that can do many things.  It is currently in BETA testing and only runs on the iPhone 4s.  This will change when IOS 6 comes out.  Then it will also work on the New iPad.

With Siri you can speak out what you want and accomplish it.  You can:

Dictate and Send and Email     Take a Note     Find a Contact     Find a Business or Person     Get Directions     Play your Music     Make an Appointment     Leave a Reminder     Get the Time or Weather Forcast     Lookup a Fact     Search the Web     and MORE.......

If you are in a noisy place, Siri will not perform well.  It slips up sometimes, and does not understand all commands.  Hey, it's a computer.  Siri is usually not functioning locally on your iPhone.  When you speak, the question or command goes through the internet to a large computer, probably in South Carolina.  I asked Siri, but she would not tell me.  The result then comes back to your iPhone 4s and you see and hear your request and the answer.

You will find that it is very useful for many things.  HAVE FUN!

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