Learning Requires Repetition

Over 30 years I have taught many people to use computers on CPM, DOS, Windows, Macs, iPads, and iPhones.  Each person's ability to absorb information varied enormously.

I once taught a co-worker word processing, and he remembered every command the first time he saw it.  I tutored a surgeon on using his computer, and he took closer to 30 repetitions to 

learn a new function.  My doctor friend was a very smart man, but the analogy of manipulating words on a computer was very awkward for him and he had a lot of trouble understanding the concepts.

Whether you take 1 or 30 repetitions to learn your computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, the frequent use of your device will eventually imprint the instructions in your brain.  If you wait a week between sessions, the likelihood of remembering will be diminished.

I have experienced this even with a program that I used for several years, the Filemaker database.  I have created very complex databases with Filemaker, but if I did not use it for several months, I would forget many functions.  There are simply to many options to remember, scores of specialized functions.

If you are new to computers or new to a particular device, use it a little every day, even just 10 minutes.  Experiment with the programs you want to learn first, but poke around in something new each day.

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